Citrus Bling

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ValetPro Citrus Bling is a very versatile product.

1. Fast Wax (protects for 1 month)

Can be used as a quick spray wax following you washing your vehicle and decontaminating it. Simply spray on and wipe off and the product will protect your paint and give it a glossy finish.

2. Drying Aid (dilute 1:3 parts water)

As the vehicle is still wet following your wash, spray Citrus Bling on to each panel and then use your microfibre drying towel to remove all the water on the paintwork. You'll notice the water picks up easier and the paintwork is left with a little extra shine.

3. Quick detailer (dilutes 1:3 upto 1:10)

Keep this in your boot on the way to a show or an event and pull out when parked up to give your car the once over. It will remove light dust from the vehicle and give a great glossy finish to make sure your car stands out.

4. Glass Cleaner

Pretty self explanatory.

5. Clay lube (dilutes 1:16)

Perfect clay lube as it is thick enough to protect your paintwork as you run your clay bar over the surface but then thin enough at the same time to ensure all contamination can be picked up. 

6. Paint cleanser and gloss enhancer

Citrus Bling can be used to remove certain contaminants directly from the paint like tar and tree sap. It won't just remove them safely but with the non abrasive ingredients, it will give the paint a deep gloss finish.