EX 04-06 Polish

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This brand new polish from Sonax has been developed from the ground up specifically for Dual Action (Random Orbital) Polishers.

Sonax EX 04-06 provides optimal scratch removal, impressing deep shine and outstanding restoration of colours. In single-level processes, it yields results that had previously been possible with rotary processes only.

From our own testing we feel this is a real positive step forward in developing a polish for DA polishes and Sonax EX 04-06 really delivers. It has a good level of cut and can really be matched to a pad depending on the level of cut you want. On a microfibre pad, this polish is able to tackle defects even on the hardest of paints whilst finishing razor sharp. Give it a slightly softer pad and it refines to a level some finishing polishes can only dream of.

If we were to recommend one polish to accompany a dual action polisher this would be it!

  • Hologram-free result.
  • Silicone free
  • Low dusting (low-dust technology).
  • Strong levels of cut and finish