Yellow Contamination Remover - Medium

Yellow Contamination Remover - Medium

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The Yellow Contamination Remover from ValetPro is a poly based mild detailing clay, with a little more bite than the Orange, making it ideal for regular and frequent use or as part of a bigger detail.

The ValetPro Fine Yellow clay will  easily remove bonded contaminates from your paint surfaces. It will also remove tar spots, tree sap, light industrial fall out and general bonded contaminates found on paint surfaces. This is a fine clay and will not marr your paint-work. Great used on your Glass. Use with either water or clay lube like the ValetPro Citrus Bling

This product was designed to work with water. Some clay bars need to be use with a clay lube to protect the paint surface from marring. With ValetPro's contamination remover they designed a sticky rubber clay that used high quality ingredients that provides a smoother surface of that bar.

  • Removes surface contamination
  • Won't marr the paintwork
  • Can be used with water or clay lubricant
  • Removes surface contamination
  • Mild and perfect for regular use
  • Can also be used on glass and wheels
  • Can be used with citrus bling (1:16).